Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB

This piece of technology is being used for the development of IoT. It has plenty of inputs and output headers combined with moderate computing power to provide robust interface between the actual equipment and networks.

Model: PI4 MODEL B/4GB

Quantity: 8

Raspberry Pi 4 Charger USB Type-C

Provides continuous power to the Raspberry Pi 4

Model: KSA-15E-051300-HX, EU, WHITE

Quantity: 6

RevPi Connect Revolution Pi

Open source IIoT gateway. This devices bridges the gap between industry standards and consumer level Raspberry Pi.

Model: PR100274

Quantity: 2

Power supply

AC-DC Industrial DIN rail power supply 24VDC/3.2A

Industry power supply which is compatible with the RevPi. Can be installed on a DIN Rail TS-35/7.5-15.

Model: EDR-75-24

Quantity: 2

Starter kit IO-Link Master IoT

Industry IoT Starter kit for development. Contains IO-L Master AL1350, Temperature sensor TV7105 and required equipments to get started.

Model: ZZ1350

Quantity: 1

IO-Link Master DL IoT 4P IP67

Industry IO-Link Master device. Can be used to connect multiple IO-Link sensor to one gateway device.

Model: AL1120

Quantity: 1

Photoelectric distance sensor

Industry IO-Link Sensor device to measure distance accurately. Can be used together with IO-Link Master devices.

Model: 05D150

Quantity: 2

M12 to RJ45 Connection cable 2M

Shielded cable for reliable signal transmission. Version model: VSTGN040ZDS0002L04STGP080–S

Model: E12090

Quantity: 2

M12 Connection Cable 1M

IO-Link Connection cable for harsh industrial environments. Version model: VDOGH040MSS0001H04STGH040MSS

Model: EVC012

Quantity: 3

GrovePi+ Starter Kit

Hardware prototyping kit for the Raspberry Pi. This kit contains multiple sensors and other devices ready to work out of the box.

Model: 110060161

Quantity: 1

Z-Wave me Razberry2 Eu Gen 5

Z-Wave is the international standard for wireless communication in homes and offices. This module works on top of Rasberry Pi and can be used via Z-Wave’s Serial API.


Quantity: 4

MultiSensor 6

Designed for smart homes and offices. Provides 6 different type of sensors that can be linked to a z-wave network.

Model: ZW100

Quantity: 4

MCO Home – CO2 Sensor

Air quality monitor with VOC, Temperature and Humidity sensors. High reliability and accuracy. Supports Z-Wave network.

Model: MCOEMH9-CO2-230

Quantity: 1


Open-source sensor platform for indoor and outdoor use. Can measure temperature, relative air humidity, air
pressure and acceleration.

Model: RuuviTag

Quantity: 3

Pynq-Z2 Basic kit

Open-source SoC development board for python. Works on lower level with python allowing faster execution times.

Model: 1M1-M000127DVB

Quantity: 1

Samsung EVO Plus 32GB

MicroSD card with 32GB capacity and respectable 95 MB/s read and 20 MB/s write speeds.

Model: MB-MC32GA/EU

Quantity: 4

HikVision EasyIP 3.0

Full-HD IP-Camera for outdoor use. Supports also many common streaming protocols for video transfer.

Model: DS-2CD2025FWD-I

Quantity: 1

Hikvision Junction Box

Junction box for HikVision IP-camera mounting

Model: DS-1280ZJ-XS

Quantity: 1

Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter

Micro HDMI (male) to HDMI (female)

Model: HDMI-24B-K

Quantity: 2

WD Purple surveillance 32GB Micro-SDHC Card

SD-card oriented towards surveillance applications on raspberry pi. Has high writespeed, up to 60 MB/s and can handle almost full drive write per day (0.903)

Model: WDD032G1P0A QD102

Quantity: 2

Delock mounting kit for Raspberry Pi 30mm

Screws to make raspberry pi tower. Most commonly used to build RPi clusters.

Model: 18215

Quantity: 4

Teltonika RUT240

Designed for Cellular IoT applications. Compatible with equipment rack (DIN-Rail)

Model: RUT240 00E000

Quantity: 1

Huawei E3372h

2G/3G/4G LTE USB device. Provides internet connection to the gateway device via USB.

Model: E3372h-320

Quantity: 1

Coral Dev Board (4GB)

Development board for prototyping on-device ML products.

Quantity: 1

Coral Dev Board (1GB)

Development board for prototyping on-device ML products.

Quantity: 1

USB Accelerator

USB Accelerator featuring Edge TPU that brings ML interfacing to existing system

Quantity: 1

M.2 Accelerator B+M Key

A PCIe device that enables integration of the Edge TPU into existing systems

Quantity: 1


5-megapixel camera module that’s compatible with the Coral Dev Board

Quantity: 1

Environmental Sensor Board

An accessory board that provides temperature, light and humidity sensors for IoT application

Brother PT-P750W

Suitable for printing QR-Codes and datamatrixes. Comes with 4 meters of adhesive label. Can be controlled over WiFi with Raster commands (programming skills required). Has also some applications to do the printing the easier way.

Quantity: 1

Brother printer tapes

  • 1 x BrotherTZeFX251
  • 1 x BrotherTZeFX241
  • 1 x BrotherTZeS221
  • 1 x BrotherTZeS241


Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi4 with DIN-Rail mounting.

Quantity: 2


Set of 20 small cables with Dupont connectors. Suitable for Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

Quantity: 4

Raspberry Pi TouchScreen

7″ Touchscreen display with 800 x 480 resolution. Works in RPi4. Extends IoT deployment capabilities quite much.

Quantity: 3


Converts DC voltages (Input 9-36Vdc) to 5V DC at 3A. Mounts to DIN-Rail.

Quantity: 3


Converts DC voltages (Input 9-36Vdc) to 5V DC at 6A. Railway standard EN50155.

Quantity: 1


AC-DC Industrial desktop adaptor. Converts AC (Universal Input 110/230V) to 12Vdc at 3.34A.

Quantity: 3

RND 205-00908

Powerjack 2.1x55mm. Straight, RND Connect. Panel installation.

Quantity: 3

8014-004.01 – Rocker Switch

Switch on-off, IP40, black, panel installation

Quantity: 3